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GeneThera's animal disease assay development business is based on its Integrated Technology Platform (ITP) that combines a proprietary diagnostic solution called Gene Expression System (GES™) with PURIVAX™, its system for analyzing large-scale DNA sequencing. PURIVAX is significantly different from conventional approaches to disease or pathogen contamination detection because it is designed to be able to achieve high purity and viral titer based on its proprietary multi-resin anion exchange chromatography system. The system eliminates biological contaminants like endogenous retrovirus, bacterial, mycoplasma, non-specific nucleic acids, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and endotoxins during the purification process.

The first part of this ITP platform, or system, is the ongoing development of molecular diagnostic assay solutions using real time Fluorogenic Polymerase Chain Reaction (F-PCR) technology to detect the presence of infectious disease from the blood, milk and feces of live animals. The second part of the ITP is the development of therapeutic vaccines using RNA interference technology. GSE™ allows for the efficient, effective, and continuous testing, management and treatment of animal populations. These facts distinguish the technology from any alternative testing and management methodology presently available to animal testing  - all of which require the destruction of individual animals and even entire herds. Our testing and data analysis processes also allow us not only to separate infected from clean animals, but also to gain knowledge vital to development of preventative vaccines.

Each individual assay utilizes GeneThera’s proprietary Field Collection System (FCS) for the collection and transportation of blood samples to GeneThera's laboratory. The FCS allows GeneThera to maintain the integrity of each sample by the addition of specific reagents to test tubes contained in the system. GeneThera's FCS is designed to be an easy-to-use method of gathering blood samples from harvested or domesticated animals. It ensures consistency of samples as well as increased assurance of each sample's integrity.

GeneThera’s molecular assay is designed to be implemented using a modular unit concept that allows the operator to perform the entire procedure of DNA extraction and analysis within a closed, computerized and highly flexible robotic system. It represents a great advantage over other available systems because of its greater sensitivity, speed and accuracy, and because it is a great improvement in both detection and quantization of DNA and RNA targets.

Our goal is to use GeneThera’s technology to bring new innovations to the biotechnology field, to meet the growing demands of today’s veterinary, agriculture and healthcare industries, and to realize the commercial potential of molecular biotechnology.